About “The Power of Women in Business” Conference

We are excited to announce our upcoming conference, “The Power of Women in Business,” taking place on Thursday, January 18th. This highly anticipated event is designed to celebrate and empower women in the business world, providing them with invaluable insights and opportunities for growth.


$125.00 Member Ticket
$99.00 Early bird rate before November 1

$150.00 Non-Member Ticket
$125.00 Earlybird rate before November 1

*Tickets are non refundable.

Date & time: 
January 18, 2024
8:30 AM – 3:00 PM

Norris Conference Center
816 Town & Country Blvd. Suite 210
Houston, TX 77024

At “The Power of Women in Business” Conference, we are bringing together a remarkable lineup of influential speakers, accomplished entrepreneurs, and industry experts who have made significant strides in their respective fields. This event serves as a platform for networking, knowledge sharing, and fostering meaningful connections within the thriving business community.

Throughout the day, attendees will have the chance to engage in captivating keynote presentations and thought-provoking panel discussions. Our esteemed speakers will delve into a wide range of topics, including leadership, innovation, resilience, and overcoming challenges in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or a professional aiming to advance your career, this conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain practical insights, learn proven strategies, and be inspired by the remarkable achievements of women in business.

Beyond the exceptional content, “The Power of Women in Business” Conference provides a vibrant and supportive atmosphere where attendees can connect with like-minded individuals, exchange ideas, and establish valuable partnerships. By fostering a community of strong, ambitious women, we aim to create an environment that encourages collaboration, growth, and success.

Join us on Thursday, January 18th, for a day filled with inspiration, empowerment, and transformation. Experience the power of women coming together to redefine the business landscape, make bold moves, and shape the future. Reserve your spot now and be a part of the exciting journey at NAWBO Houston’s “The Power of Women in Business” Conference.

Remember, your dreams and aspirations are within reach, and together, we can achieve greatness.
Let’s make bold moves in NAWBO for 2024 and beyond!